Construction Accidents

We Help Construction Workers

Construction sites are dangerous places and fraught with risk factors. This can cause serious accidents regardless of the strict safety standards for workers and the public. The large machinery, dangerous tools and equipment, and long, grueling labor hours can be life-threatening to not only construction workers but can also injure passersby or homeowners. Unfortunately, in many such cases, construction workers are left under-compensated to deal with the physical and financial strain the injury caused.

At Bernstein & Bernstein, Attorneys at Law, our construction accident lawyers help you seek maximum compensation for injuries or wrongful deaths. With our proficiency and command in this sector, we fight to protect your rights and help you obtain the benefits to get back on your feet.

How We Help You

  • Our team navigates your worker’s compensation, medical bills, insurance, and other potential claims.
  • We discuss and make you aware of your legal rights and fight to recover for maximum compensation.
  • We assist you in meeting your immediate and future medical and financial needs.
  • We help with an extensive investigation to document the claim and preserve any evidence to prosecute the claim.