Real Estate


We understand that real estate laws can be extremely confusing and complicated. When you go through a real estate transaction, it is often one of the largest financial transactions you will deal with.

Whether you are buying, selling, or renting a residential or commercial real estate, it is essential to have an experienced and trusted attorney to guide you in every step.

Five Decades of Experience

Our attorneys well versed in all aspects of real estate law and strive to ensure that you take the best steps to protect your legal interests including concern for tax implications of transactions.

Barnstein & Bernstein Attorney at law

How We Help You

  • We explain every detail of the agreements, the mortgages, and everything that comes under real estate transactions.
  • We assist individuals and businesses in connection with real estate transactions.
  • We explain laws and regulations and all activities dealing with residential or commercial real estate.
  • We protect buyers and sellers from making costly mistakes and ensure a smooth and error-free transaction.